Mattress Guide

Our simple guide to mattresses to help you choose your next model

Sprung Mattresses

Open Coil / Continuous Coil
Providing an affordable, no-frills mattress, an open coil (or open spring) mattress is the entry level. As the springs tend to move as one, you may be disturbed by your partner’s movements in the night. Continuous coil mattresses are a better option, you may still feel your partner turning, but the mattress is less likely to dip in the middle as the mattress gets older, meaning you won't roll together.
Pocket Sprung
Pocket sprung mattresses contain springs that are individually sewn into fabric pockets. This helps the mattress respond to your every movement, supporting you and your partner better. Pocket sprung mattresses won’t make you warmer in the night and they won't normally dip in the middle either. With plenty of options including natural fillings like wool, or thin layers of memory foam or gel on top, there are a plethora of different pocket sprung models on the market.

Foam Mattresses

Memory Foam
Memory foam mattresses mould to your body, using your body heat to do so. The foam insulates your body and can make it harder to turn over and can lead to an overly warm night's sleep. They do however feel supremely comfortable and supportive. Newer blue memory foam or cool blue memory foam tries to combat this by radiating heat more efficiently.  Some include gel layers to achieve the same result.
Latex Foam
As with memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses also mould to your body, but they feel different as latex foam has more natural elasticity, meaning it quickly regains its shape. A latex foam mattress can be expensive, however they are very durable and long-lasting. Latex foam mattresses are also hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, so they’re a great option if you suffer from allergies.

Hybrid Mattresses


As the name implies, hybrid mattresses combine several mattress technologies into a single mattress. For example, memory foam combined with pocket springs and foam encapsulation for edge support. Knowing the basics as described above will give you a clue as to how a particular hybrid mattress is likely to feel and perform. Many models are vacuum-packed and boxed for easy delivery, don't let this put you off. They will quickly return to their original shape and many come with guarantees of up to 10 years.